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Knowing Jesus and

Sharing His Love

A few words from Pastor Ann Gonyea:

I love people, relate easily and actively, seeking out relationships.  I enjoy opportunities for pastoral care in living rooms and hospitals, with people who come into the office or those I run into at the store. 

Since I started full-time ministry in 2015, it feels as though the mission field is more divided and broken, and more in need of God's grace and mercy than ever.  I am consistently led to ask, 'Where can a faith community lead God's people toward unity and forgiveness?"

The Good News is that Christ is risen!  That is at the center of who I am and what I do in collaboration with a faith community and God's creation beyond its doors.  As a pastoral leader, I set the bar high in what it means to love God more than anything else and to be radical about love of neighbor.  

Please call the office to schedule a visit with Pastor Ann either at the church or at your home.  

Edwin Kramer, Director of Music

Ed Kramer serves as Senior Choir Director and Organist.  Ed is a graduate of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  He also directs the Bjornson Male Chorus of Chicago and the Liberty-Fremont Chamber Singers.  Ed's wife, Karen, is a soprano soloist and sings in the choir.